Burpees For Vets
Join The Challenge!

We are calling on EVERYONE to help us reach our goal of 22 MILLION BURPEES and to raise $250000 in 2018 to help veterans suffering from PTS.

There is an old Cherokee story of the two wolves.

 The elders explain that everyone has two wolves inside.

One is Fear: it is characterized by uncertainty, anxiety, worry

and all of the things that limit and demobilize us.

The other is Courage: it is characterized by confidence, conviction

and faith, all the things that drive us forward in life.



Our Warriors Have Sacrificed For Us

Men and women return from duty with physical, mental and emotional trauma.

Too often, the mental and emotional trauma goes untreated.

Proud and stoic, they bear the burden alone.

Courage Foundation is about helping warriors heal themselves by feeding their courage wolf.

Warriors helping warriors: Building Trust, Comradery, Resilience,

Confidence, Commitment and Purpose.


Now accepting tax-exempt donations to support this worthy cause.



Contact Courage Foundation today by calling (760) 634-1833 or email [email protected].