We are excited to work with the Prison Fellowship’s Warden Exchange Program to bring Unbeatable Mind ™ to prisoners, their teenage children and prison staff. Our goal in 2017 is to distribute 1,500 of Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind book to 5 prisons, and to begin a trainer program in conjunction with the Prison Fellowship to train Unbeatable Mind trainers for the prison population.

Ultimately, we intend to work with teenage children of prisoners, where we will bring purpose and focus to their lives so that they can choose to avoid the path that their parents took.

The prisons will be collecting data through surveys and keeping statistics on those that engage in the program to measure program outcomes.  We will be sharing those outcomes through this website.

Please help us make an impact on the lives of prisoners, their families and our communities!

Now accepting tax-exempt donations to support this worthy cause.