ptsdFrom the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs: “The potential clinical utility of integrating mindfulness-based exercises in extant PTSD treatments has yet to be examined empirically. However, given the beneficial effects of mindfulness practice on enhancing emotion regulation as well as decreasing anxiety and depressive symptoms , mindfulness has been increasingly discussed in the context of PTSD and its treatment. The relevant theoretical and empirical literature suggests that mindfulness may serve clinically meaningful functions in alleviating PTSD symptoms.”

The absence of a cure makes PTSD treatment a multifaceted challenge. There is emerging evidence that exercise can be a valuable component of a comprehensive PTSD treatment plan (Tsatsoulis and Fountoulakis, 2006).

Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind ™ training integrates physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual aspects of one’s being through simple and highly effective self-administered training tools. Studies looking at the individual components of these 5 domains have all shown positive impacts on countering PTSD. We believe the most effective treatment of PTSD is found by re-integrating the broken vet, and integrated development will prove to be the most effective means to re-integrate. This includes development of self-awareness, situational awareness, emotional control and resiliency, physical health and fitness, positivity and re-discovering one’s Passion, Purpose and Principles in life. Once these aspects of one’s personality are strengthened, then the vet can positively integrate back into their family, meaningful relationships and to society at large.

The Courage Foundation will work with various Veteran’s groups and veteran’s health care professionals to make Unbeatable Mind ™ training available to veterans that could benefit.  We will also seek to collaborate with clinical research teams on Federal grant funding to study the benefits.

We know that together we can make a difference in the lives of our returning veterans!

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