“Thank you so much Mark!

This was a great book, I feel more confident in myself just from reading your book. I will definitely be using Unbeatable Mind as a life guide for myself and my family. If I knew this secret sooner I’d most likely would not be in prison and just #T96046. I’d be a great fashion designer, actress, veterinarian, be the head leader at a major corporation. You’ve rekindled my insides full of passion! I can’t wait to go out there and be sheepdog strong. I have so much determination inside me and lots of goals and ideas. I’m a smart capable woman that can do this. I really am so excited. No one will be able to get in the way of my great future to come. My insides are burning with desire to concour and be very successful. I’m 33 and it’s not to late! Thank you so much. This book should be in grammer middle schools and high schools (I so badly wished I did then). But I can start now. I also did participate in Crossfit at a golds gym-I enjoyed the class very much.”
Great job and thank you,

Joann Minicucci

My favorite chapter was Chapter 6.

I live by how I portray myself to my children and others: no lieing or cheating or stealing, but I am in prison. For me my mind wonders, I multi-task all the time, I have OCD so I am trying to beat this on my own with spirituality and Mark Divine does it with nature. This book brings up a lot of things when you read. You believe you live your life a certain way, by a certain code loyalty, honor, integrity and feel proud but “I here”. So how proud am I really? My family loves me because I’m good but I really didn’t have to be here! Stupid choices hurt so many people! I’m learning negativity derails everything. It is imperative that I am able to control my focus, my thought on what I am doing and what I need to do. I will focus and shift away from negative influences, negative behaviors and negative emotions and stay away from negative beliefs. Thank you for the book”.

Deborah Serret