Building Trust, Comradery and Belonging

Through Teamwork, Peer-Mentoring and Shared Experience

“Trauma doesn’t have to defeat you. It can be a perfect opportunity for growth.
Don’t just make a comeback. Use it as a catalyst forward”– Matt McWilliams

It is estimated that over half a million veterans have returned home from combat suffering with post-traumatic stress. Fewer than half of the soldiers who report symptoms of combat-related PTS receive the care they need. Many soldiers that begin treatment, walk away from treatment before its completion. This is due to a general lack of trust for mental health professionals, a belief that psychological problems tend to work themselves out on their own and a perception that seeking mental health treatment should be a last resort. There is a need for a less invasive, individual and peer-centered approach.

Our programs bring veterans together to train toward common goals, building trust, comradery and social support. The training integrates physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual aspects of one’s being through simple and highly effective self-administered training tools. The methodologies utilized in the program include the body, mind and spirit; such as physical training, yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, contemplation, journaling, visualization, positivity reinforcement, goal-setting, teamwork and service. All of these practices have been shown to facilitate post-traumatic growth.

We believe the most potent means of fostering post-traumatic growth in veterans is by integrated development. The outcomes include development of self-awareness, situational awareness, emotional control and resiliency, physical health and fitness, positivity and re-discovering one’s Passion, Principles and Purpose in life. Once these aspects of one’s personality are strengthened, then the veteran can positively integrate back into their family, meaningful relationships and society at large.

What is Courage Foundation’s Veteran Integration Program (VIP)? 

The Veteran Integration Program is a year-long program that helps warriors help themselves with peer and mentor support rooted in Unbeatable Mind mental toughness and emotional resilience integrated training.

  • 3 day in-person retreat at the Unbeatable Mind Experience
  • 12 months of coaching support by a certified Unbeatable Mind personal, executive and leadership coach.
  • 12 months of Unbeatable Mind curriculum online integrated training in physical fitness, mental toughness and emotional resilience created by a Veteran, retired Navy SEAL commander Mark Divine.
  • Ongoing peer support during and beyond the program.
  • Regular team challenges and physical training goals.

Who is Eligible? 

The Courage Foundation V.I.P.  program is available for both male and female veterans or active duty with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  No clinical diagnosis or prior mental health care is required to attend.

The ideal candidate is a warrior who is determined to win their personal battles, has a willingness to accept coaching and a desire to embrace the process.  A warrior who has a vision of what they want despite not knowing how to get there and a passion to live fully.

How does VIP work?

Resilience to stress is associated consistently with at least 6 psychosocial factors: active coping methods, regular physical exercise, a positive outlook, a moral compass, social support, and cognitive flexibility.  Unbeatable Mind Integrated Training provides a framework and tools to develop these factors, and potentially reduce the symptoms of PTS in veterans.

CDR. Mark Divine, founder of The Courage Foundation and retired Navy SEAL, has spent his post-Navy career helping people from all walks of life break through barriers to develop resilience and reach peak levels of performance. His integrated warrior development program, Unbeatable Mind, has been effective in increasing mental toughness and emotional resiliency in Navy SEAL candidates, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

The Courage Foundation was established to provide this transformative training to veterans with post-traumatic stress. Our programs bring veterans together to train toward common goals, building trust, comradery, social support and restoring purpose. The training integrates physical, mental, emotional, intuition/awareness and spiritual aspects of one’s being through simple and highly effective self-administered training tools.